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Shipworks and Yahoo Store

November 2, 2007

I’ve been using a free trial of Shipworks software with my Yahoo store,

Once installed and connected to your Yahoo Store, it automatically downloads your orders and lets you print labels with just a few clicks, with confirmation number to get a discount. It also prints nicely formatted invoices. It also sends the confirmation/tracking number back to your yahoo store and it then appears in the customers’ order status page on your store. Its a good solution, but pricey for cheapskates like me at

$15/month for under 100 orders and

$30/month for 100 or more orders.

and if you want to connect it with endicia and print postage online it will cost another $16/month.

I think Yahoo should actively be trying to add these features to their backend. I’m actively considering switching my store to OScommerce where solutions are actively shared.


Yahoo Store to Google Base / Froogle Free Automatic Feed!

October 1, 2007

For about a year I have used‘s Froogle Feed / Google Base Feed service to upload my products to Google. Recently they have increased the fees for this simple service so I decided to search for competitors and luckily I found that Google Base will now scan my Yahoo Store and update my products in Google Base automatically. Hooray!

Here is the email I received after submitting my .xml file link to Google:



Thank you for providing us with the location of your Yahoo! Store
objinfo.xml file. We’ve added your store into our system. We receive
updates from Yahoo! once a week, so you should see your items in Google
Base within the next 7 days. Once these items are live in our search
results, you can view them with the links below:

Google Base:

Google Product Search:

Please note that receiving your bulk upload in this manner will make your
Google Base account inactive.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


The Google Team


Here is the page that tells you how to have Google Download your products:

  • Have Google Base download your items
    With this option, we’ll automatically download your items directly from Yahoo! on a periodic basis. For this option, you need to be sure the XML export option is selected in your Yahoo! merchant preferences. Once you’ve done so, simply email us the URL where your objinfo.xml file can be found, and we’ll begin receiving your item listings from Yahoo!. Please note, because this method generates listings automatically, we’re only able to provide limited support for bulk uploads received in this manner.

Thanks Google once again for making things easy and free!




The Atensoftware feed service may have some advantages for certain people, here is the reply from them when asked what the benefits to their service are:


There are still benefits to using our service, the primary one being
that we provide you technical support if needed.  Other benefits are:

# Downloadable – download the Google Base Bulk Upload file for any use
# Custom Exclusion – customize products to exclude from submission
# Duplicate Exclusion – exclude duplicates when submitting multiple stores
# URL Conversion – convert URLs to your official domain name
# Options – product options are submitted in the description
# Custom Fields – submit data from custom fields

Especially note the custom fields feature, which can help you get better
search engine placement.  We also hope to be providing feeds to other
engines in the near future.

Aten Software LLC

Yahoo Store Integration with Click-N-Ship – DIY Simple Solution

September 26, 2007

For three years I’ve been hoping for USPS integration with Yahoo Stores. I have been let down just as long.

Finally I found a FREE solution that, while not perfect, is good enough for my order volume.

Basically, we are going to import the addresses from all our new orders into Click-N-Ship. With addresses imported into the Click-N-Ship address book we can pre-populate the shipping label TO: fields with our customers details (including email, country, and order # as reference number) with one click!

The import process can be done whenever you decide to ship your orders and takes about a minute once you understand the process. You will no longer have to cut and paste each field from and orders window to a click-n-ship window.

Here we go:

  1. Go to the Store Manager
  2. Click “orders”
  3. Choose the range of orders you would like to export
  4. at the bottom of the list, click [export to excel]
  5. download orders.csv and save the file on your computer with the name of the last order exported, i.e. c:\orders\123456.csv
  6. open 123456.csv in excel
  7. Download the YahooStoreOrdersMasterHeader.xls file from this page:
    (This is just an empty spreadsheet with the column fields you need to upload to click-n-ship)
  8. Open both spreadsheets in excel
  9. cut row 1 from YahooStoreOrdersMasterHeader.xls file
  10. in excel, go to your 123456.csv file window and paste into row 1
  11. save 123456.csv
  12. sign in to click-n-ship
  13. click on “address book” at the top
  14. click “import address book”
  15. browse to 123456.csv on your computer
  16. choose a group name if you want and click “continue”
  17. click ‘save’ on the next page, (this page just matches Click-N-Ship fields with 123456.csv fields)

Thats it!

All your selected yahoo store orders’ ship to addresses (including email, country, and order # as reference number) are now in your Click-N-Ship address book and you can print a label to them with one click.

While not perfect, this method saves me a lot of time! Let me know if anyone has any improvements on this.

UPDATE: I added shipping options to for USPS First Class Mail which means I have to use USPS’s Shipping Assistant software. For unknown reasons the address import function on Shipping Assistant wants the .csv file configured differently. This is annoying to say the least. I have suggested to to make this import process the same as Click-n-Ship’s or even better, why not be able to sync the address book in click-n-ship with Shipping Assistant?

Please suggest this to USPS website people here: Email USPS 

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