I love Google! Why boycott it?

Why in the world would you NOT use free Google products?
Google maps on the phone paired with Bluetooth GPS is basically a free navigation system and TOMTOM etc. killer.

800 Goog 411 frees up your hands to drive and takes search from internet to phone.

Google Earth has expanded our sense of wonder about the world we live in.

Grand Central is awesome. (I expect that as soon as high bandwidth wireless is widely available, you will be able to purchase a cheap WIFI phone, forward your Grand Central number to it, and the Telco’s and Cell Phone companies will be SOL. This technology is here right now BTW, its just hard to piece together.

The ads on Googles services are so easy to ignore that all their services are painlessly free. If you want to boycott them, you don’t have to boycott their services, you just keep using them and don’t click the ads. I’m sure THEY will notice your absense. 🙂
I think Yahoo Mail has caught up with GMAIL though. The new yahoo mail (I have used both for the last two years) is just more organized and I can do what I want with less clicks and typing and THAT is all that matters in email.


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