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How to import all your old emails into Yahoo Mail Beta or GMail

November 2, 2007

I have successfully imported 10 years of emails from MS Outlook into my Gmail and Yahoo Mail Beta accounts.

Here is the quick and dirty on how to do it. Create a temporary email account that has both IMAP and POP access. Setup this temporary IMAP email address in OUTLOOK. You will have a new folder in OUTLOOK for this temp account. Basically, every email you drag or copy into the temp account folder will be uploaded to the temp account server by the IMAP connection.

Now you just go to GMail or Yahoo Mail, setup a POP connection to that same temp account and let the emails start flowing in. Bang, 10 years of emails, accessible from any internet device.

Detailed info and discussion is available here:


I love Google! Why boycott it?

November 2, 2007

Why in the world would you NOT use free Google products?
Google maps on the phone paired with Bluetooth GPS is basically a free navigation system and TOMTOM etc. killer.

800 Goog 411 frees up your hands to drive and takes search from internet to phone.

Google Earth has expanded our sense of wonder about the world we live in.

Grand Central is awesome. (I expect that as soon as high bandwidth wireless is widely available, you will be able to purchase a cheap WIFI phone, forward your Grand Central number to it, and the Telco’s and Cell Phone companies will be SOL. This technology is here right now BTW, its just hard to piece together.

The ads on Googles services are so easy to ignore that all their services are painlessly free. If you want to boycott them, you don’t have to boycott their services, you just keep using them and don’t click the ads. I’m sure THEY will notice your absense. 🙂
I think Yahoo Mail has caught up with GMAIL though. The new yahoo mail (I have used both for the last two years) is just more organized and I can do what I want with less clicks and typing and THAT is all that matters in email.

Shipworks and Yahoo Store

November 2, 2007

I’ve been using a free trial of Shipworks software with my Yahoo store,

Once installed and connected to your Yahoo Store, it automatically downloads your orders and lets you print labels with just a few clicks, with confirmation number to get a discount. It also prints nicely formatted invoices. It also sends the confirmation/tracking number back to your yahoo store and it then appears in the customers’ order status page on your store. Its a good solution, but pricey for cheapskates like me at

$15/month for under 100 orders and

$30/month for 100 or more orders.

and if you want to connect it with endicia and print postage online it will cost another $16/month.

I think Yahoo should actively be trying to add these features to their backend. I’m actively considering switching my store to OScommerce where solutions are actively shared.

Power of Nightmares Documentary by Adam Curtis – Watch Free Online

November 2, 2007

Bill Maher should have Adam Curtis on the show to talk about his “Power of Nightmares” BBC documentary that almost never plays in America.

Here is the link to watch it online free:

BBC site about the program:

If more people watched it they would at least be better able to deconstruct the politics of fear.


November 2, 2007

I first heard about the VENUS OF WILLENDORF in an Nigel Spivey documentary “How are made the world“. Carved 25000 years BP, and not dissimilar to other early carvings, it has been pondered to be a goddess of fertility, or even a fantasy symbol. Since other similar “venus” statues have been found for over thousands of years they must have been very useful in one way or another.

I don’t see why nobody has thought of the obvious, which is that the pronouced genitals make the statue a perfect education tool. To this day society struggles with sex-ed, and it must have had even more importance in prehistoric times when life expectancy was low. Girls could learn about their anatomy and boys could learn about girls anatomy as well. This sex ed too was so effective that it was copied and spread around for ages.

Besides, if there was basically only one human representation in statue form for 10000 years, its not a stretch to think that multiple uses for it would arise over time. It could have been a story prop, passed around the campfire with multiple tales of lust and exaggerated prowess. It could have been a education tool, fantasy tool, or statue of a freak for all we know. In any case its a fascinating mystery.




November 1, 2007

I’ll make this short, if you want the most powerful router you can buy, go to ebay and search for the buffalo router and read all the info in the listing. This router has open source software, hi power broadcasting, and an external antenna, MIMO and can be used for internet cafe, bandwidth settings for each connection.