Prevent Bank Overdrafts if your Paypal account gets hacked!

Mysterious charges appeared on my paypal account last month. Luckily they were small and I caught them early. One of the postal employees was telling me that her Paypal account was being used by someone to buy $3000 dollar jewelery etc. and that her bank account had gone into overdraft from all the Paypal charges. This led me to wonder if you can remove your bank account from the available ‘instant’ funding sources Paypal automatically draws from.

and.. You can!

  1. Login to Paypal
  2. Click through My Account > Profile > Financial Information > Pay List > Set Available Funding Sources
  3. Deselect bank accounts and only leave one credit card.

That’s it,

The benefit is no hassling with the bank about fraudulent charges.

Sure enough, when I asked the lady at the post office about her passwords, she used the same password on ebay and paypal and it was a combination of her dogs name and another word. Always use some random numbers in your password and use different passwords!


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