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Yahoo Store Integration with Click-N-Ship – DIY Simple Solution

September 26, 2007

For three years I’ve been hoping for USPS integration with Yahoo Stores. I have been let down just as long.

Finally I found a FREE solution that, while not perfect, is good enough for my order volume.

Basically, we are going to import the addresses from all our new orders into Click-N-Ship. With addresses imported into the Click-N-Ship address book we can pre-populate the shipping label TO: fields with our customers details (including email, country, and order # as reference number) with one click!

The import process can be done whenever you decide to ship your orders and takes about a minute once you understand the process. You will no longer have to cut and paste each field from and orders window to a click-n-ship window.

Here we go:

  1. Go to the Store Manager
  2. Click “orders”
  3. Choose the range of orders you would like to export
  4. at the bottom of the list, click [export to excel]
  5. download orders.csv and save the file on your computer with the name of the last order exported, i.e. c:\orders\123456.csv
  6. open 123456.csv in excel
  7. Download the YahooStoreOrdersMasterHeader.xls file from this page:
    (This is just an empty spreadsheet with the column fields you need to upload to click-n-ship)
  8. Open both spreadsheets in excel
  9. cut row 1 from YahooStoreOrdersMasterHeader.xls file
  10. in excel, go to your 123456.csv file window and paste into row 1
  11. save 123456.csv
  12. sign in to click-n-ship
  13. click on “address book” at the top
  14. click “import address book”
  15. browse to 123456.csv on your computer
  16. choose a group name if you want and click “continue”
  17. click ‘save’ on the next page, (this page just matches Click-N-Ship fields with 123456.csv fields)

Thats it!

All your selected yahoo store orders’ ship to addresses (including email, country, and order # as reference number) are now in your Click-N-Ship address book and you can print a label to them with one click.

While not perfect, this method saves me a lot of time! Let me know if anyone has any improvements on this.

UPDATE: I added shipping options to for USPS First Class Mail which means I have to use USPS’s Shipping Assistant software. For unknown reasons the address import function on Shipping Assistant wants the .csv file configured differently. This is annoying to say the least. I have suggested to to make this import process the same as Click-n-Ship’s or even better, why not be able to sync the address book in click-n-ship with Shipping Assistant?

Please suggest this to USPS website people here: Email USPSĀ 

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